LionAide Energy Drink - Energy Drink & Pre Workout Boost


Product Description

This product has been used extensively on youth and adult athletes with great reviews!  It uses vital methyl-based B vitamins that contribute to proper function of many pathways within our bodies, and even contribute significantly to the overall health of our DNA.

Special Features

  • It cleverly uses Vitamin C and Astragalus Root to ensure the health of the immune system while the body undergoes intense physical demands.  
  • It contains an exlusive physician-formulated proprietary blend of Chinese Medicine and Ayuvedic herbs.
  • This Energy and Pre workout drink contains amino acids including L-Arginine and L-Citrulline which work together to increase the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood and reduce blood pressure naturally.  Where the body has reduced NO, blood vessels can restrict and reduce the amount of blood flow through the body.  This powerful combination acts in a synergistic manner to deliver the valuable power packed herbs and vitamins to the entire body like never before!
  • Another added benefit to taking this formula with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline in combination is the impressive effect on muscle endurance and performance. Because Nitric Oxide maximizes the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients in LionAide to the body with greater efficiency, athletes are able to perform at optimum levels, to receive a boost in performance as well as an Aide in recovery.  That means less time being sore and more time training. 
  • The caffeine in LionAide is 100% naturally sourced from a traditional South American plant Guarana.  The target amount of plant based caffeine makes using the product as simple as determining the boost you are looking for. 

We demand only the highest quality herbs, nutrients and compounds from nationally recognized, trusted sources.  

It has also been tested on youth and adult athletes.  This could not be coming at a better time.  This product is like nothing on the market, and it works great!