About Us

Earth's Medicine Cabinet was born out of the vision of Dr. Ron T. Dümmar, while practicing natural medicine near Park City Utah.  It was the Doctor's vision to create a custom herbal pharmacy where patient conditions and complaints could be addressed in a specific and more symbiotic way.  Having attained a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Southern California University of Heath Sciences he set out to share his knowledge that nature holds many powerful keys to healing. 

In Dr. Dümmar's clinic he has treated thousands of patients and has experienced great success in creating formulas written with a unique set of herbs carefully combined to address the individual health concerns and issues each patient was dealing with.  Over time he has found there are some formulas he goes back to time and time again.  LionAide was created from one of those trusted formulas.  

Recently, it was his desire to offer some of the proprietary blends to a much larger market.  We are pleased to invite you to Earth's Medicine Cabinet-where we address health concerns by using natural products and ingredients that allow the body to heal and function at its highest potential.  

Please see the website for Dr. Dümmar's private practice information www.DrDummar.com