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Energy Drink/Pre-Workout Boost

Custom blend of natural herbs

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Energy Drink/Pre-Workout Boost


Ten years of Research And Now LionAide Is Born!

LionAide will boost your performance and speed your recovery. That means less time being sore, and more time training. LionAide delivers.....

  • Immuno Protective Herbs
  • Power Packed B-Vitamins
  • Fatigue fighting amino acids
  • Synergistic blend of natural herbs
  • Physician Formulated
  • Longer Lasting Energy - Guaranteed!
  • No Chemicals And No Harsh Ingredients
  • The HEALTHY Energy and pre-workout drink!

This product goes above and beyond to deliver quick and sustained energy through it’s exclusive formula!

More Energy, More Healthy, More Fun!


Fueling your workout


Increasing your performance


Moving your body

We use 100% all natural Herbs Learn More